Our History

In 1970, a group of men from local area churches had a vision of establishing a Christian school in the Bumpass community. Bethany Christian Church was selected as the location for the school, due to the fact that Bethany had just added nine classrooms and two restrooms to their property. PCS officially opened on August 31, 1970 with 31 students in first through seventh grades. By 1975, continual growth resulted in a full kindergarten through twelfth grade school.

God has been faithful in supplying our needs. Bethany built the first brick building in 1973, and the second brick building quickly followed in 1974. The multipurpose building now housing the gym was constructed in 1987. In 1989, PCS received a donation for a playground, and Bethany members provided the installation. Upon a Piedmont student's death, the parents donated the gym bleachers. On June 1, 2003, PCS became a ministry of Bethany Christian Church so that future building plans could incorporate both church and school needs. 

We want to have a greater impact for Christ and His Kingdom in our community. We will not know this side of Heaven how the men and women serving Piedmont Christian School have influenced the lives of the students they have supported. You are invited to share in that vision with us. 




School is officially underway and running "strong." Our theme for this year is from II Corinthians 12:10. Paul has told his readers about the hardships and struggles he has faced, including a very personal problem that God won't take away! These struggles have not overcome him and he shares his victory secret- even when he is weak, he knows he is strong because of Christ.

A few verses later he lets them know that "everything we do is for your strengthening," a verse we are using as a tagline to our theme. All of the actions and words by Paul and his associates were meant to make the Corinthian Christians stronger in following Christ. What a powerful way to live! If we as staff and teachers look at our students and think of this tagline before making a decision or speaking, what a successful year this school will have! Even as we speak to each other and to our parents and make plans for classroom lessons or school events, we will be using this verse as our foundation.

We are also focusing on purposeful discipleship and have created a plan at every grade level that supports the Spiritual Growth Objectives found in the Student Handbook. As a Christian school, discipleship must be the key component of our curriculum. And we have an action plan in place to strengthen school-wide communication. Monthly school newsletters, our One-Call phone tree, and classroom-specific papers are just part of the plan to ensure our constituents know how things are going. Two great plans that move Piedmont into a stronger school.

As you search for an educational institution that will be the right place for your child, we invite you to take a look at Piedmont Christian School. Come visit our campus, sit in on classes, and talk to our staff and students. It's okay to want a school that shares your values and your faith. It's okay to want a school that challenges your children to do their best and be their best. We hope we can be that place for your family. It's what we've been preparing for! Give us a call!


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