2018-2019 ONGOING Enrollment


The registration fee for enrollment is $250.00 per student with a maximum of $750 per family. This fee is nonrefundable unless enrollment is denied by the school.


        Preschool:                  $4,389.00 for full week, full day ($115.50/week for 38 weeks)

                                          $2,470.00 for full week, half day, 8:30 am-11:30 am ($65.00/week for 38 weeks)

                                          $2,850.00 for M/Tu/W full day ($75.00/week for 38 weeks)

        Kindergarten – 6th:     $4,043.00/year ($404.30/month for 10 months)

        7th - 12th:                   $4,335.00/year ($433.50/month for 10 months)


A 10% discount will be given for the second child in the family enrolled. A 20% discount will be given to the third child enrolled. A 25% discount will be given to each of any other siblings enrolled. All discounts are applied to the lowest tuition amounts.


The book and activity fees must be paid in full by August 15th or at the time of enrollment if after that date. Or, fees may be rolled into the monthly payments. These fees cover book usage, classroom fees, limited field trip admissions, and a copy of the yearbook. Most paperback and consumable textbooks will become the property of the student at the end of the year. Hardback books and elementary reading books will be returned for reissue or may be purchased at additional cost. If textbooks are lost, student accounts will be charged the cost of the individual textbook and shipping to replace the lost book.

        Preschool/Kindergarten                                           $202.00

        1st-3rd grades                                                         $356.00

        4th-6th grades                                                         $302.00

        7th-8th grades                                                         $426.00

        9th-12th grades                                                       $521.00

A $75.00 sports fee per player is due before the first scheduled practice.

There will be a $15 late charge if the monthly payment is not received by the fifth weekday of each month. There will be a $35 service charge imposed for each returned check.



Piedmont Christian School is pleased to offer classes for seventh through twelfth grade homeschool students. Classes are taught online or by degreed teachers using mostly A Beka curriculum. Schedules are Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu with alternate Fridays.

These students may enroll in up to three classes and are allowed to participate in all extra-curricular activities including field trips and athletics. Classes are $650 each. Athletic fees are $75 per year if enrolled, $100 if not enrolled.



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