Parent Teacher Fellowship - 2017-2018 Year

 Welcome to PTF!!! We are thrilled you have chosen to partner with PCS and the PTF to train and educate your children in a manner that reflects Christ. What is PTF, exactly? PTF is a service organization comprised of family members, caregivers, parents and teachers.  We work as a community to raise funds for extracurricular activities, school structure improvements and technology upgrades. We will meet monthly to cover our children, staff and one another in prayer, seek opportunities to support one another, and pursue projects that will bless the School. Why is Parental Involvement important? Young children naturally integrate their home life with their school life, and vice versa. When families and teachers work collaboratively together, a strong and incredibly positive message is sent to the child about the value of their family. Participation could mean volunteering an hour of your time or perhaps delivering some materials or food needed for the event. Where does my family fit in? Opportunities for your family to be involved in PTF are practically endless! Monthly meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month, 3:15 pm immediately after school in the GYM. In addition. Make a connection – get involved – Like-minded parents – great resource – Lots of fun!



Patrick Bailey- Upper School- PTF



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