W E L C O M E !


Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) welcomes you to a new and exciting 2017-18 school year! 

-What is PTF?  Well, PTF is made of all parents, school staff, and even some alumni here at

Piedmont.  We work together assisting Piedmont where we can.  Not just concentrating in one homeroom, but lifting all to help each one. He has blessed us with our children and we want them to be to be sucessful.  And the best chance of success is together.

-What can you do?       Pray of course. )  But there are many ways in which you can help .

Participate where/how you can. We can always use some help coordinating our supporting activities (teacher’s appreciation, boxtops, birthdays, field day etc) but also with some new ideas, maybe some additional fundraising.

We are going to alter some meeting times this year to give more chances of attending so please kep an eye out for meeting times. We will have some refreshments and a prize drawing at each meeting.  Please email us so we can keep you informed at PiedmontPTF@gmail.com.

We wish Blessings on Piedmont, Piedmont’s staff, our students, and your family.

Let’s have a great year!

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