2018-2019 School Year Enrollment



The registration fee for enrollment or re-enrollment is $125.00 per student with a maximum of $375 per family March 1st – 31st. April 1st through May 31st the fee is $150 per student with a maximum of $450 per family.  Beginning June 1st, the registration fee is $250.00 per student with a maximum of $750 per family. This fee is nonrefundable.


        Preschool:                  $4,389.00 for full week, full day ($120.00/week for 38 weeks)

                                          $2,470.00 for full week, half day, 8:30 am-11:30 am ($65.00/week for 38 weeks)

                                          $2,850.00 for M/Tu/W full day ($75.00/week for 38 weeks)

        Kindergarten – 6th:     $4,043.00/year ($404.30/month August through May)

        7th - 12th:                   $4,335.00/year ($433.50/month August through May)


A 5% discount is given to tuition paid in full by June 1, 2018. A 10% discount will be given for the second child in the family enrolled. A 20% discount will be given to the third child enrolled. A 25% discount will be given to each of any other siblings enrolled. All discounts are applied to the lowest tuition amounts.


The book and activity fees must be paid in full by August 15th or at the time of enrollment if after that date. Fees may also be included in monthly payments. These fees cover book usage, classroom fees, limited field trip admissions, and a copy of the yearbook. Most paperback and consumable textbooks will become the property of the student at the end of the year. Hardback books and elementary reading books will be returned for reissue or may be purchased at additional cost. If textbooks are lost, student accounts will be charged the cost of the individual textbook and shipping to replace the lost book.

        Preschool/Kindergarten                                           $202.00

        1st-3rd grades                                                         $356.00

        4th-6th grades                                                         $302.00

        7th-8th grades                                                         $426.00

        9th-12th grades                                                       $521.00

A $75.00 sports fee per player is due before the first scheduled practice.

There will be a $15 late charge if the monthly payment is not received by the fifth weekday of each month. There will be a $35 service charge imposed for each returned check.

If you would like to enroll your child, you can download our Full-Time Enrollment Form.

To make a tuition payment, visit our Payments page.


Piedmont Christian School is pleased to offer classes for seventh through twelfth grade homeschool students. Classes are taught by degreed teachers using mostly A Beka curriculum. Schedules are Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu with alternate Fridays.

These students may enroll in up to three classes and are allowed to participate in all extra-curricular activities including field trips and athletics. Classes are $650 each. Athletic fees are $75 per year if enrolled, $100 if not enrolled.

If you would like to enroll your Homeschooler, you can download our Homeschool Enrollment Form.

To make a tuition payment, visit our Payments page.


About Piedmont Christian School

Established in 1970 in beautiful Bumpass, VA, Piedmont Christian School is a private, coeducational, Christian school offering programs in K3 through 12th grade.

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What Piedmont Christian School can offer your child:

  • Christian Teachers and Staff
  • Daily Bible Classes
  • Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio
  • Preschool for Three and Four Year-Olds
  • Before and After Care Programs
  • Kindergarten through Twelfth Grades
  • Team Sports
  • Computer Lab
  • Music/Art/Computer/Spanish for all Elementary
  • Library
  • School Store-Piedmont Post
  • Upper Level Electives
  • Spanish I, II, III
  • Classes and Team Sports for Homeschoolers

Our Programs

Beginning with K3, our preschool program lays the groundwork for success in the upper grades. Our curriculum takes that momentum starting at an early age and builds each year until students are ready to go off to college.



Kindergarten - 6th Grade

Kindergarten - 6th Grade





Join Our Family

We are pleased to welcome you to Piedmont Christian School. Our Admissions team will guide you through the enrollment process to make each step as convenient and worry-free as possible. Any questions along the way? Call (540) 872-3543.

Step 1

Please call our office for an appointment to visit Piedmont. (540) 872-3543.

Step 2

Tour the school, sit in on classes, and meet with our admission team.

Step 3

Submit the enrollment contract with the registration fee. 




I can't begin to say how much PCS means to my family and me. Our son attends PCS, he is learning a lot and is enjoying everything the school has to offer. The teachers and staff show the children God's love and teach them with a lot of tenderness, love and compassion. PCS is so blessed to have such wonderful caring Christian teachers. We are so blessed to have a school like PCS still existing today. May the Lord continue to bless this school, all who support it, and use it for the building of God's kingdom.

“Submitted by a parent”


Piedmont Christian School has been a blessing in my life!  I began at Piedmont in 1970 when the school opened.  The small class sizes offered me individual attention as well as opportunities to assist my teachers and tutor other students; the Christian teachers loved me and truly cared about my education; and, daily Bible classes, including Scripture memorization, gave me a basic knowledge of God’s Word to build on for the rest of my life.  Piedmont not only prepared me well for college, but also for life by offering me opportunities, through extra-curricular activities such as public speaking, sports, and musical performances, to learn responsibility and explore areas of ministry.  I also made friendships there that I still enjoy.  If you’re considering Piedmont for your children, I highly recommend it!

“Submitted by an Alumni”


 Our son came to Piedmont during his high school career after attending public. The learning environment is welcoming and inclusive, as well as the staff. He has excelled socially and academically. It was the best decision we made and wish we had made it earlier.

“Submitted by a parent”


I really enjoy Piedmont! The staff is very friendly and the curriculum is challenging, but rewarding. Great school! 

 “Submitted by a student”


 This is our first year having our daughter here...we all absolutely love it and wish we had made the move sooner! It is a wonderful Christian-based school with a great staff. The extend care option works great with our work schedule and is very affordable. We love that the school and staff hold our daughter to higher standards than the public schools ever did and really prepare her for a bright future. She's already gained more confidence in herself and receives challenges and accomplishments weekly. Hard work does pay off, but she always seems to have fun at the same time. That mixture is what PCS is all about, which is great. Our daughter will remain with PCS and we will continue to speak favorably of it to everyone we know.

 “Submitted by a parent”


Words can't begin to describe how much Piedmont did for me while I was a student.  They were like my second family.  The small class sizes helped to give me a more individualized education, and not feel like I was just lost in a sea of faces.  I felt like I was fully equipped for college and ready for that transition.  I was in a Christian school for my entire education, and I don't feel like I was hindered by this at all.  I excelled in college, and could test out of lower level courses.  Piedmont prepared me academically, but also gave me a firm foundation in my Spiritual walk as well.  I can't wait until my children are old enough to come to Piedmont!

“Submitted by an Alumni”


We have had nothing but great experiences with Piedmont Christian School.  We have family that graduated from PCS and now both of our children are students.  We love it and our kids do too!  Every teacher we have had has been fantastic.  The teachers truly show the kids love and compassion and give all the support they need.  PCS has very high academic and moral standards.  As parents, it is so comforting to know that they are going to a place where they are loved, where they are learning so much academically, and where they are able to build their foundation in the Lord.  Thank you Piedmont for all that you do for our family and so many others.  

"Submitted by a parent"

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Piedmont Christian School

2382 Bethany Church Road

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Phone: (540) 872-3543

FAX: (540) 872-3873

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